Google Doodle Celebrates Happy New Year 2012 Video

Google Doodle Celebrates Happy New Year 2012 Video
Today is 31 Dec.2011.Less than 24 hours to for New Year! What inspiring music has touched your soul this year? Everyone is so excited for New Year 2012.Google is also celebrating New Year with wonderful Google Doodle.Google Doodle is saying "Happy New Year!".Google Doodle is very simple in jpeg format, no fancy work. :)

Google Doodle letters are enjoying party for 2012. Cute. Clicking the doodle will take you to the “Happy New Year” search results page.we all are know that Google celebrated the Christmas Day with two Doodles, the first with a simple Doodle, followed by the Jingle Bells dynamic Google Doodle so it is still possible that Google will launch a special New Year 2012 Google Doodle before the first day of 2012.

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